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ING Open Lectures

4/26/2021 CWZB category: workshop 

ING experts: Aydin Senaydin, Davide Boselli, Roko Uglešić, Paulina Stolińska

Warsaw School of Economics

90min: 75-80 presentation and 10-15 Q&A


  •  12th May (5.10 pm): Davide Boselli (ING Netherlands) "Credit risk approach from regulatory model life cycle perspective"

Model life cycle is the process much longer and complicated that anyone would like to have. We will share our experience in implementing new models in credit risk according to regulatory requirements. It is crucial to have this process efficient and as short as possible. This lecture is open for all funs of modeling, please join by accepting this meeting link:

  • 19th May (5.10 pm): Roko Uglešić (ING Netherlands) "Credit risk management – Covid impact on provisions from banking perspective"

Last year brought extreme situation in our life. We all face pandemic situation and must accommodate this new situation into every day reality. This situation also impact financial and banking system. We would like to share with students how this situation impact banks form provisioning perspective and their financial standing. All systems and models must have been adjusted to this new situation. If you would like to know how they faced that, join this open lecture with link to the meeting:

 More about speaker Roko:

  • ​​2nd June (5.10 pm): Aydin Senaydin&Paulina Stolińska (ING Netherlands) "Machine Learning applications in credit decision modeling"

Recent changes and increasing expectations in credit risk modelling approach Machine Learning techniques. On this open lectures we would like to share the recent achievements and solutions incorporated in credit risk modeling in ING and not only. Based on business applications we show how to apply Machine Learning in credit risk process and would like to encourage students to discuss and share questions and problems. Want to know more? Join us with this link meeting:

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